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Fat, drunk and stupid is no way go through life.

— Dean Wormer
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Oktoberfest Beers

In 1810 some bier loving German royalty decided to get married (Crown Prince Ludwig and Princess Theresia of Bavaria if you really must know). It was their very successful 16 day celebration starting in late September and continuing on through October that later became the annual event known as Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany.

Beer drinking Americans tend to celebrate Octoberfest only when prompted by marketing & advertising by big-label bottlers… and we tend to prefer the “oCtoberfest” spelling variation.

The 2016 festival begins September 17th and goes until October 3rd. Check out some Oktoberfest Biers you can buy here in the U.S. for your own tent party. Don’t forget the big-ass pretzels.

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B.I.Y. (Build It Yourself)

Do you dream of cold draught beer flowing from your own personal tap? Well, put down that can of suds and pick up a screw gun because this is our step-by-step guide for building your own customized double-faucet kegerator. Our Guide to Building a Custom Kegerator by Belly Buddy David Lauterbach.